How It Works

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Viral Illness Prevention With V-Defense COVID Nasal Spray

V-Defense is an accessible and easy-to-use product that prevents the spread of COVID, as well as the lingering symptoms of the virus. Our nasal spray neutralizes viruses quickly, protecting against COVID, the flu, and other illnesses. Go about your daily routine without worrying about COVID exposure, thanks to the innovation of the team behind V-Defense.

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How to Use Nasal Spray From V-Defense

With only two quick sprays every 12 hours, you and your loved ones will have protection from COVID-related illnesses. V-Defense is easy to use and simple to implement into your busy schedule. With two doses per day, you’ll have a protective barrier inside of your nasal cavities, targeting any exposure you come into contact with throughout your day.

Science Behind
V-Defense Nasal Spray

Our V-Defense nasal spray is unscented antibacterial lipids and lambda carrageenan in our product, including high-density polyethylene containers, caps, nozzles, and safety clips. 

Instead of relying on your N-95 mask to prevent COVID exposure, our nasal spray for cold and COVID symptoms creates a physical and impermeable membrane inside your nasal cavity, protecting you and your family from contact with viral illnesses. 

We use a variety of safe, alcohol-free ingredients to ensure the safety of our consumers, including:

Replace your mask today with the convenience and reliability of V-Defense!

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Your Go-To Nasal Spray or
COVID Prevention

Our non-invasive and drug-free nasal spray is a simple solution for people of all ages, saving you from the hassle of cloth and N-95 masks or prolonged COVID symptoms. With consistent use, V-Defense is the best method to protect yourself and your loved ones from the dangers of the Coronavirus. Take the preventative measures necessary to avoid sickness during any season with V-Defense.