COVID-19 Protection

V-Defense Nasal Spray

Are you tired of worrying about catching the flu or COVID-19? Say hello to V-Defense, our groundbreaking nasal spray that offers powerful protection against respiratory tract infections caused by airborne viruses. Developed as a reliable and effective replacement for masks, V-Defense is specifically designed to shield your respiratory system from harmful pathogens, keeping you and your loved ones well-protected with a convenient tool for year-round prevention.

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Small girl with face mask talking to her mother and doctor in a waiting room at the hospital.

How We Started

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2019, our team worked tirelessly to find the best nasal spray to keep families safe from harmful exposure to airborne viruses. Face masks are only so effective, and we knew there needed to be a simple yet reliable way to give people the confidence to return to their normal routine without risking their health in the process. With V-Defense, you and your family can live your lives, travel, and return to school and work with the help of our new virtual facemask – the best nasal spray for COVID prevention.

Key Features

Guard Your Health, Embrace Life – The Ultimate Viral Protection Nasal Spray

V-defense provides unmatched viral defense for you and your family with a simple, hassle-free design made for protection on the go. Never worry about risking your health with your day-to-day activities, travel plans, and gatherings with our new, leading COVID nasal spray. 

While masks have been a go-to for many families, our nasal spray kills 99.99% of COVID infections, as well as preventing a wide range of airborne viruses. V-Defense gives you the freedom and confidence to go to work, school, and events without the worry of dangerous symptoms and exposure. With a single spray in both nostrils, you and your loved ones have 5-6 hours of protection from viruses ranging from the flu to COVID. Don’t put your life on hold any longer with the reliability of V-Defense.

LUCA V-Defense Nasal Spray

How to Use