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How to Properly Use COVID Nasal Spray

As the world continues to adapt to new challenges posed by COVID-19, new preventive measures like nasal sprays have come to the forefront. COVID nasal sprays are an easy-to-use and effective shield against infection, but like any anti-COVID measure, they must be used correctly. Proper usage is essential whether you are already using a spay or trying one for the first time. Learning how to apply nasal spray correctly will make it a seamless part of your life, helping you stay healthy and avoid catching COVID.

Understanding COVID Protection Nasal Spray

These specialized sprays provide an additional layer of defense against the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Unlike traditional nasal sprays used to relieve congestion, these formulations contain active ingredients that can help neutralize or reduce the viral load in the nasal passages. 

The ingredients in nasal sprays act as a barrier, inhibiting the virus’s ability to infect the upper respiratory tract. Nasal sprays block off the virus’s primary entry point, offering a unique form of protection. They can also lower the viral load and decrease the severity of symptoms.

Choosing the Right Nasal Spray

When choosing a nasal spray for day-to-day use, it’s crucial to find one that can provide adequate protection. Not all nasal sprays are created equal; the choice largely depends on your specific needs and circumstances. There are several options available, including saline-based sprays and antiviral nasal sprays. Saline sprays help clear mucus and moisturize the nasal passages but do not contain active antiviral ingredients. On the other hand, antiviral nasal sprays specifically combat the COVID-19 virus directly. For those looking to avoid infection, antiviral ingredients are key. 

When selecting, it’s essential to consider factors such as your susceptibility to the virus, any underlying health conditions, and the prevalence of COVID-19 in your community.

Preparing for Nasal Spray Usage

Before using a nasal spray, it’s a good idea to understand how to use them properly. First and foremost, you can refer to the product label, which should show the active ingredients, the intended purpose of the product, and how to use it. The instructions can tell you just how to deploy the nasal spray, giving details about how to open the product, how many sprays are needed, and more. Make sure to read the instructions even if you have used other nasal sprays because they can vary slightly between manufacturers and depending on the type of spray. Hand hygiene is another key element that will ensure the effectiveness of the spray. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water eliminates germs that have the potential to infect your nasal passage.

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A Guide to Proper Usage

COVID nasal sprays offer many unique benefits, such as ease of use and convenience. It is essential to follow best-use practices to get all the benefits of these sprays.


Before using nasal spray, take the time to thoroughly clean your hands to keep the spray bottle free of germs. It’s also a good idea to blow your nose first to ensure the spray gets deep into your nose.

Insert Nozzle

Tilt your head forward to ensure the spray will reach the area where it is most effective. Once you have prepared and are in the optimal position, you can insert the nozzle into one nostril, angling it according to the instructions.

Administer the Spray

With the nozzle inside your nostril, press down on the pump to release the spray. Make sure the nozzle is pointed to the inside wall of your nose instead of being pointed out or to the side to encourage proper absorption. Inhale slowly to bring the spray into your nose, and repeat the entire process with your other nostril.


After applying the medicine, avoid blowing your nose or sneezing for the next few minutes. This will allow your body to absorb the spray and get the full effects. Make sure both nostrils get a full dose of the nasal spray.

Common Nasal Spray Mistakes to Avoid

Nasal spray is a tool that can help us slow the spread of COVID as long as it is used correctly. For those unfamiliar with nasal spray, several common mistakes can reduce the effectiveness of the spray and leave you unprotected against infection. Stay aware of these common pitfalls and learn to use your spray correctly for maximum protection against COVID-19.

Inhaling Too Forcefully

As you administer the spray, gently inhaling the spray will take the antiviral ingredients into the target site inside your nose. However, inhaling too deeply can actually take the spray down your throat, where it will be ineffective, instead of keeping it in your nostrils, where it can protect you from the virus. Make sure to inhale slowly as you spray to distribute the antiviral ingredients evenly.

Not Tilting Your Head Forward

Although it may seem unimportant, the positioning of your head is crucial as you apply the spray. Leaning forward slightly distributes the spray properly, enabling it to fully cover your nasal passages and stop the virus from spreading. Positioning the nozzle toward the back of your head is also important, leading to your nasal passage.

Not Reading the Instructions

Nasal sprays can come in different packaging and with different formulas, so make sure to see what the manufacturer says about properly administering the product. Your nasal spray may have a unique nozzle or suggest a certain number of sprays for optimal protection. Read the label to get the best, most relevant information on how to use your specific spray.

Not Using the Product Often Enough

Although nasal sprays can be highly effective in blocking COVID, they have a limited window of effectiveness. Every spray is different, so check the recommendations on your product, but many sprays require multiple applications after a certain number of hours have passed. Consider bringing the bottle with you if you have a long day planned. Track the timing of each spray so you know how long it will be effective and when to refresh it.

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How Frequently Should You Use Anti-COVID Nasal Spray?

Understanding how often to use antiviral spray and how long each spray lasts will help protect you against COVID. The recommended application frequency can vary by product according to its formulation, so we recommend looking at the packaging and label of your nasal spray for the most accurate information. Nasal sprays are a short-term preventative measure that requires regular use. Most sprays require multiple uses a day to maintain effectiveness. However, the manufacturer may recommend using the spray more often in high-risk situations, such as a crowded indoor space. When relying on nasal spray to protect you from infection, it is important to maintain a consistent schedule that reflects the official instructions on the labeling.

Proper Storage and Maintenance of Nasal Spray

Proper storage and maintenance of your COVID protection nasal spray are essential to maintain its effectiveness. By taking the time to store and care for it, you can ensure optimal results. One way to do this is by storing the nasal spray at the recommended temperature as indicated on the product label. Typically, this means keeping it at room temperature and away from direct sunlight or extreme heat, which can degrade the active ingredients. It is equally important to keep the spray bottle closed to prevent contamination. Like any other spray bottle, your nasal spray may occasionally get clogged. Clear the nozzle according to the label’s instructions to restore a smooth, even spray. Lastly, check the spray’s expiration date and plan to replace it when needed. You can continue to protect yourself from infection with a little care and maintenance. By sticking to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can continue to rely on nasal spray as a tool in your anti-COVID strategy.

Secure Your Health With Proper Use of Anti-COVID Nasal Spray

The emergence of nasal sprays that can prevent COVID gives people more options for protecting themselves from infection. They offer an extra layer of defense by specifically targeting the nasal passages, where the virus often first takes hold. However, like all other protective measures, their effectiveness depends upon correct usage. By understanding how the sprays work and how to use them, you can protect yourself and develop a strong defense against COVID. 

You can safeguard your health and community by staying informed about new preventive measures. Learn how to use nasal spray correctly and store them when not in use to make a major difference. Are you interested in learning more about using nasal spray to prevent COVID? Check out our V-Defense blog to learn more about how to make the most of evolving anti-COVID technology.

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